IOTA Price Expectations March 2018

IOTA Price Expectations March 2018
The blockchain based platform which aimed at revolutionizing the Internet of Things sector looks to have hit a major roadblock. After an initial boom, IOTA prices look to be in a constant state of decline and any momentary rise is met with an even bigger fall. Let us observe IOTA’s price movement over the recent past – and a look at where the currency is potentially heading.

IOTA Price Over The Past 24 Hours

Over the past 24 hours, IOTA’s price has been on a downward trend, falling by over 8.5% in a day. IOTA began the day at a price of $1.47, which was the highest position all day -as the currency failed to stay stable and didn’t manage to reach that price point again over the next 24 hours. The lowest point of the day came at the price of $1.28 but the currency managed to close the day at $1.33. The market cap of the currency fell from $4 Billion to $3.6 Billion.

IOTA Price Expectations March 2018

IOTA Price Over The Past Week

IOTA began the week at a price of $1.88 and started a slow downtrend. The currency ended the week at $1.33 – $0.55 less than where it started from, while the market cap too, fell from $5.2 Billion to $3.6 Billion in this period. IOTA has been on a continuous decline and it is a tough time for investors.

IOTA Price Expectations

Price expectations too don’t seem so bright for IOTA investors as it is expected that the currency’s gradual fall will continue. While there have been some events in the past which have helped IOTA prices to rise momentarily, such as the launch of the IOTA ecosystem – the overall trend has been quite negative and IOTA’s prices continue to collapse.

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